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Photography Technology

Photography Major
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A community for photography students
There are dozens of photo journals here on lj and every one is interesting and needed. But I wanted a place specifically for those of us that aren't just hobbyists and who aren't working professionals yet. major_photo is a place for current photography students (majors, minors, and those simply taking photo classes) to discuss their classes and compare their assignments, share tips, stories, frustrations…
One day we will all be each others competition. But in the meantime we have the opportunity to help each other and learn along with each other. A global classroom.
For those of us that make photography a career: Some of the people we share with here will be the peers we work with once leaving school.

First feel free to fill out this small questionnaire so we can get to know you. All the questions are optional. You don’t have to fill it out at all or if you only want to answer a few of the questions, that’s fine too.

School (also include the city and state so that I may add your school to the user info page):
Short Photographic Bio:
Teachers you’ve had that really inspired you:
A few examples of your work:
A self portrait:

The community does have some rules. Please abide by them.
1. L-J cut is everyone’s friend. Two pictures above the cut is fine. Any more then that needs to be hidden.

2. Be constructive. Practice your critiquing skills. If you’re rude it wont be tolerated.

3. All nudes must be behind a cut and have a warning. I know nudity is natural and no one here is posting porn, but a lot of people do look at communities while at work and employers are not likely to understand the distinction between that and art. Be considerate. It would be a shame if any member got busted at work for looking at their friend’s list.

4. Advertising other communities is allowed here, but they must be photography related. The mods have the right to delete them if deemed off topic.

5. Disabling comments is not allowed.

6. Please post an English translation alongside text in a second language.

Schools for photography:
The Art Institute of Phoenix - Phoenix

California Design College - Mid-Wilshire
American InterContinental University - Los Angeles
Brooks Institute of Photography - Santa Barbara


Gibbs College - Norwalk

District of Columbia
The Center For Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University - Washington D.C.

American InterContinental University - South Florida Campus
Full Sail Real World Education - Winter Park
International Academy of Design & Technology - Tampa
Daytona Beach State- Daytona Beach

American InterContinental University - Buckhead Campus - Atlanta
The Creative Circus - Atlanta


The Center For Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University - Waltham

Brown College - Mendota Heights
Minneapolis College of Art and Design - Minneapolis

Antonelli College - Jackson


New Hampshire
McIntosh College - Dover

New York
Briarcliffe College

North Carolina

Antonelli College - Cincinnati

Marylhurst University - Marylhurst

Oakbridge Academy of Arts - Lower Burrell
Antonelli Institute - Erdenheim

Rhode Island
New England Institute of Technology - Warwick

South Carolina

Nossi College of Art - Goodlettsville


Northern Virginia Community College


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